Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Embarrasing story #2

Timeline: Autumn 2007 Ad
Location: State Fair, Raleigh, NC
Occasion: Every year my family gets together to go to the state fair, just because it's fun.

I think I've stated before how very much I love the fair. I have a ton of great memories from yearly visits there, and most include food. :)

As far as other activities go, I don't really do the whole 'ride' thing but I do love walking around and looking at the livestock, the biggest vegetables, the prize winning photographs and cakes. I just love all the local wares celebrated at the fair!

The attractions that you must pay for that tempt me are the animals. You know, the worlds largest aligator, the worlds smallest pony, stuff like that. Well, one year we saw some friends there who have a couple of children I adore and one of them mentioned the "huge bear!"

So, I asked "Where?" and he pointed over toward the lake where they hold logging competitions.

I asked, "How much does it cost?"

He said, "Nothing."

Then the boys mother said, "It's in the wooded area behind the lake. It's like a 26 foot bear."

I then demanded that we see this bear before we left. We went around a few other places, because we have a kind of routine going on then decided it was time to see the logging expo. They have hot apple cider over there, so of course we headed there and then I said, "Lets go see that bear!"

We walked back to the woods and there was a huge bear. Not at all what I was expecting.

It was an enormous Smoky the Bear and not a live one at all! I thought I was going to see the world's biggest bear, so I said "I thought it was a real bear!"

My ever compassionate little sister replies, "A real 26 foot bear?! I thought you graduated Magna Cum Laude?!"

My retort, "Not in bear identification!"

That's me, a regular Grizzly Adams.

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