Tuesday, July 7, 2009


On July 4th, the Husband and I got to work on our new place. First room of attack? The kitchen. We had some friends come over (thanks Carrie, Jon, Michelle and Vic!) and help us take off all the cabinet knobs, child safety things... and then the doors and drawers themselves. Then we sanded. A lot. There was much sanding.
That's what we had to do to get it ready to accept the paint. (A Sherwin Williams oil based, black, satin finish enamel. Excellent paint!) Well, we had real trouble getting the 'false drawers' off in front of the sink, because the tub was in the way. We're getting a new sink when the countertops are installed, so Daniel pried the sides of it up and we wedged increasingly large things underneath it so we could get the screws out!

And it was disgusting under there. Seriously disgusting. I wiped a ton of it off and we vacuumed it up, but it was rusted and there were gobs and gobs of it!

After sanding, we had to wipe everything down (twice) with mineral spirits to make sure they were all clean. It's a lot of doors and drawers! Then, the next day, we began to apply the paint! Very exciting.

Here I am, reaching to paint the back corner of the door. It's quite a stretch. Believe me, I painted the backs first after this...

All the drawers done!

Everything's painted... Well, everything except the inside portion. We'll get that done tonight, hopefully.

It's a late clean-up. We're both exhausted, and Daniel's making a face in the picture... as usual. There aren't many pictures of him where he's not making a face. But that's alright with me, I think it's hilarious.

We're really enjoying working on the house. We picked out countertops and knobs and stuff as well. It's going to be a very pretty kitchen. I can't wait to cook something in it...

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  1. Hi Amanda! Saw your blog on Kelly Stamps' blog and was excited to see another NC blogger! :) Your renovation project looks like fun!!! Happy to "meet" you!