Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I tried on Saturday morning to upload some more pictures of the house . . . but I don't think my internet likes me much.

So, weekend before last all of the cabinets got painted. Whew. Hard job.

This past weekend, Mom and Dad, Nana and Papa came out to see the house and bring a boatload of stuff. Our freezer, washer and dryer, a wonderful tool bench for Daniel, some yard tools, refrigerator, and some gorgeous deck furniture. I can't wait to put some pictures up here. It's fabulous. Nana and Papa also bought us a new dishwasher that is gorgeous. Every time I go in there I want to cry, I just can't believe it's my house!

We cleaned all the appliances, and let me tell you, that refrigerator was one of the grossest things I've ever seen. It looked like someone had spilled caramel dip in the bottom of it and there was some mold in the freezer. (I consider this proof positive that most bachelors should not have nice things unless they can afford a maid.) It's a gorgeous stainless steel, french door refrigerator with a freezer drawer on the bottom. It's gorgeous now that it's cleaned up, and in perfect shape!

The washer and dryer work great, and the dryer doesn't squeak! Hallelujah!

The garage is starting to look awesome and full of stuff for Daniel to get to work in there. I'm hoping he shows a real aptitude for carpentry . . . because I have some great ideas for some built-ins. Just kidding, honey! You work hard enough, I just want you to enjoy yourself!

The patio furniture Nana and Papa brought with them is fabulous! They're getting a new set, and gave us theirs. Now, my Nana has awesome taste so I knew it would be wonderful, but it's even better than I thought! It's a pub height table, with an umbrella and four chairs that swivel and everything! Plus a chaise so I can lay out in the sun! You know, in all that extra time I have . . .

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