Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer is just not particularly my favorite season

Is it just me?

I seem to remember Summer; as a youthful, exuberant child, being a blissful period of relaxation and exploration. I'd really like to take issue with whoever it was that decided Summer should only be offered as a break to schoolchildren. You know what? I bet it's the same accursed person who decided that adults didn't need a nap toward the end of the day. Why is it that I can't take a nap at my desk between 2 and 3? It was okay when I was a kindergartener, and I assure you I had much more energy to spare at that age.

My favorite periods are Fall and Spring, but most particularly Fall. Fall should really be experienced in North Carolina. A drive should always be taken in the mountains in the fall. The leaves are divine. Fall also means the State Fair. The State Fair means roasted Corn on the Cob, holding the baby chicks, looking at the prize produce and livestock, oh, and Funnel Cake. Fall also means jeans and sweaters - my favorite attire. There is nothing in the world like a good hooded sweatshirt, they are also divine.

Fall also means Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. There is always rice and gravy. I love rice and gravy. It also means Christmas preparation! I love to wrap presents, I love to decorate Christmas Trees, I love shopping and finding just the right thing for my family members.

I also love my new home. It's a lovely home. We'll be able to stay there for a while, so that's wonderful! There's a bit of room to grow into. Our lovely new countertops were put in a couple of weeks ago and several days behind schedule, but that's alright, they're here! However... we didn't know until they were installed that there was not enough to do the little 4 inch backsplash. So, the backsplash now needs tiling... because there is no backsplash. The kitchen is still not done. But it will be, and it will be showroom worthy, I tell you!

Our den (which has really high ceilings) is being painted on Thursday, because we really didn't want to do it ourselves. They're way too high. I bought the paint last night, it will be the same beautiful shade of green that our kitchen is, because it's all open, and that's what I want. I've picked out the colors for the dining room, living room and 1/2 bath too, and it will be gorgeous! A buttery yellow for the dining room, a merlot-ish red for the 1/2 bath and a coppery brown for the living room. I love to decorate, in case you hadn't picked up on that yet.

So, in short, there are a great many wonderful things to look forward to in the coming days. My home being put in order, my favorite season is upon us, my sweaters will be pulled out of the closet, and attending the fair with my family. Maybe I'll try a fried snickers bar this time...

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