Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13

Fall is here. Cool weather has arrived. Down blankets are on the bed. Socks are a staple.

The leaves are changing, the sky is lovely today.

And I feel awful! Bah!

Cold and Flu season hit early this year, and I got myself a cold! A grade-a one. It's not joking around. Fever on friday, and I've been exhausted ever since. I'm stuffed up, so I have a consistent headache. And it drains down my throat making it swollen and raw... and my stomach nauseous. And today it's decided to settle in my chest. Lovely, I know. I'm such an open book.

I'm going home today determined to enjoy how pretty it is, darn my cold! I'm putting on my hoodie and my sneakers and taking a short walk and looking at the trees!

I've got to get better by this weekend... it's the annual fair trip! :) Hello roasted corn and apple cider!


  1. Get well soon! You can't miss that fair!

  2. I know! I'm doing everything I can!