Monday, June 15, 2009

Inside Pictures!

Welcome to our humble abode! The husband and I are so excited to be purchasing this, our first, home. And... cutting down that monstrosity of a holly tree on the right there.
Here is the back of the house and the husband! Much grilling will take place on the deck! I can taste the steak now...
This is what you will see walking in the front door and looking toward the right. If you look toward the left, you will see the stairs and a half bath. If you look straight ahead, you will see the kitchen.
And here's the dining room! That you can see from the picture above is attached to the living room. The wallpaper will be destroyed post-haste, do not fear.
This is looking into the kitchen from the dining room. You can also see into the family room from this shot. This is one of the things I love most about the house, the open kitchen to the family room. Plus it has a little bar area. I love it!
This is the kitchen standing at the bar area in the family room looking into the kitchen, and you can see a little piece of the dining room.
This is standing in the family room looking into the kitchen, you can see the bar area. Here, and there's a place for a small table.
Here's the Family Room. There are vaulted ceilings in here, dental molding around the gas fireplace. And I love the windows on the corner! This and the kitchen will be my favorite rooms, I'm sure of it.
This is coming back into the Living Room from the Dining Room.
I'm going to pause right here, look the the left and show you the molding that's all in the downstairs. I love it!
The lovely stairwell, with the front door and the half bathroom next to it.
I love the little octagon window in the half bath!
The bonus room over the garage is on the left as you come up the stairs. It has a closet in it too, so it can be a bedroom. I love the charming look of this room. It's a nice size. We're going to use it as our office. I can already see what it will be like. I'm so excited to see how this one turns out!
Here is the Master Bedroom. It's not huge, but it has a lovely tray ceiling. And it's bigger than the apartment bedroom! :) You can kind of see the door to the bathroom on the right in the corner of the picture.
Here's the Master Bathroom Vanity. And me, waving. :) Behind me goes into the closet. It's a pretty good size. And across from me goes into the room with the toilet, shower and tub.
Shower is on the left.
Tub and toilet on the right. The toilet paper roll is far from the toilet itself... I'm going to buy one of those stand things.
Here is the second bedroom. It's just across the hall diagonally from the master. This will be our first childs room. Whenever that happens!
The last bedroom is down the hall on the right, this will be the guest room. The right wall is shared between the two bedrooms.
And on the left across from the guest room is the guest bath! It's pretty large as far as guest baths go. And I didn't take a picture of it, but the laundry area is on the left right next to the bathroom.
And that is our lovely new home! We are set to close on the first of July. We're excited and nervous! And I'm thinking about starting a 'Pay for Paint' fund if anyone wants to contribute! haha!
Thanks for checking it out and praying for Daniel and I! We are incredibly grateful for everyone lifting us up in prayers, volunteering to help us move, and just celebrating with us!


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Looks very clean!
    You may need some furniture....LOL!