Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I've been emailing UNCG for a while now, trying to get some information on going back to school part time for a different degree. Partially for me, partially for Daniel, so I want information on the degrees that are available to earn part time in the evenings. I have been sent to like three departments already... Admissions referred me to continuing education, they referred me to another department of admissions dealing with people who return to school, now they're sending me back to general admissions. I'm so confused.

When I applied out of highschool, colleges wouldn't leave me alone if I wanted to apply, what gives? Am I just an old fogey now? I just want some info, people. It's not rocket science... I don't think.

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  1. I found it much more difficult to get back into the school circuit after I had already graduated with a degree. The red tape and ignoring and ridiculousness is unbelievable! Don't get discouraged, just buckle down to be persistent. I know you have it in you!