Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bust out your...


There's going to be a heatwave in Greensboro this weekend, and I am exultant!

Both Saturday and Sunday are listed as a high of 51! Read that, 5-1. And guess what else? Partly cloudy to sunny! I don't think there are any more joyful words that can be combined with our measly 26 letters.


What a prospect!

Though this is not really warm enough to break out the swimsuits unless you have a heated pool or hot-tub, (in which case, can I come over?) it will feel probably not warm, but not frigid.

Not frigid!

What a prospect!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Snow Go Away

In North Carolina here lately, it's felt a lot like somewhere much more northern.... like maybe Ohio or something. It's been consistently cold and has snowed already three or four times. Let's get something straight, this is the South. When it snows here, it's a big deal. So four times already is huge! Most of the time, we'll have several days a month where the high is 60 during the winter. That hasn't so much happened this year.

I'm a spring and fall kind of girl, I like those in between seasons where things are blooming or dying, it just seems so cyclical and makes me ponder life. Never ever have I been so ready to see Spring come. I celebrate when the high is going to be mid 40s.

I can tell it's coming though, and I can tell by the way the sun shines through the window at my desk. When it is sunny, that is. In early January, the sun would be behind the building across the street by 4pm, and mostly twilight by the time I left. That's just depressing.

Now at 4:00pm the sun breaks from above the awning over our door and begins to tan the right side of my face. I soak it up because I think I have a Vitamin D deficiency by now, but I'm sure to have more freckles on that side of my face this year. And by 5:00 it's still not behind the building across the street. So I go outside to my car celebrating the sun and the fact that I can tell the days are getting longer.

We're halfway through February... I can make it!